About us

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Once upon a time
Our CEO was already busy developing apps and being pretty good at it. So in 2010 he started with Ice Cold Apps to professionally develop for the then successful BlackBerry. It did not take long before Ice Cold Apps became one of the largest app development companies. We have created a lot of apps, which could mainly be categorized as ‘tools’, which worked on BlackBerry devices . Apps ranged from Wallpaper apps, Screenshot apps to Remote Control apps.

After BlackBerry
Unfortunately there came a day that BlackBerry decided to release BB10 which is not backward compatible. So since all our previous effort got tossed away and we did not want to learn a whole new programming language, we decided to focus on iOS and Android. And looking back that was a good choice since BlackBerry is now fully supporting Android apps as well. So our wonderful apps suh as Photo Editor Ultimate and File Converter are now available on all three platforms!

We are proud to always have had privacy and security for our users at the core of our business. Because of that our apps don’t collect any personal information and we don’t sell any information to third parties. As you might have noticed some apps from other companies need access to your gps, phonebook, etc while the app doesn’t really need this. The only reason the app needs to access this, is for advertisements and collecting data. With Ice Cold Apps you don’t need to worry, we will never do that!

.. And onwards!

So at this moment we are a business-to-end-consumer company who’s millions of fans use our apps daily worldwide. We intend to be the app company to whom you turn to when you need an app that is safe, stable and just super awesome! To accomplish this every day we need you; not only as a customer but also as a partner in development. So use the forum and contact us with your ideas and thoughts. But for now, browse the site to see what we are up to and join in on the fun!