Meet the team

  • Sander

    CEO / Programmer

    Transforming opportunities in successes is what Sander is best at. With his many ideas and programming skills he produces, manages and inspires. It is his ability to foresee the future that makes him our true leader. As often as his busy schedule let's him, he can be found travelling the world looking for new inspiration to grow his business.

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  • Mandy


    When the going gets tough, Mandy gets going! There has not yet been a business challenge that Mandy can not handle. With her allround experience she is running our back office and customer support better than we could ever imagine. And if you may ever need her help, just follow the music since Mandy is singing all the time. Or you can always mail her of course!

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  • Rob


    Rob is a man of few words. Although he is typing all day. As our core programmer he turns the many ideas of Ice Cold Apps into the wonderfull products you are using every day. When Rob is seen without his computer, he can be found with his friends - sharing ideas on the newest IT and App development. You can wake him up in the middle of the night for the newest gadgets.

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