Screenshot Ultimate


Easy screenshot for free!

Now you can take a snapshot easily on your Android device (no root required: read the faq how).
Take screenshots on your tablet, phone or other Android device for FREE!

*Free and most complete screenshot app!*

Why is Screenshot Ultimate the perfect screen capture app? Well, it has the most features and we support over 14 different capture methods. So if this app can’t take a screenshot no other screenshot app will! Share, draw, add text to a screenshot or even send/edit multiple screenshots!
We support rooted and non-rooted devices; however, if you have a non-rooted phone you might
have to run a small app on your computer to enable screen shooting functionality.
Read the FAQ for more information.

Mail instead of review when help needed
If you can’t get the app to work please email us and don’t post it in the reviews since we can’t respond to reviews. Also, if you want more features, no ads (or popups) inside Screenshot Ultimate and support development you should have a look at “Screenshot Ultimate Pro”. Thanks!

Works with Android 2.1+

Trigger Methods
– Overlay icon which is visible on top of all screens (icon, button or custom icon)
– Shake
– Service icon click
– Audio
– Power connect/disconnect
– Folder listener
– Webserver
– Camera hardware button
– Long click search hardware button
– Custom shortcut
– Widget button
– Button inside the app
– Intent (Tasker support)
– Interval
– Cronjob

For every trigger separately set: do after, vibrate, sound, toast, timeout, countdown, more!


– Free!
– Edit taken screenshot: draw, add text, crop, add information (android version, date/time, etc), rotate, mirror, switch colors, overlay an image, use your own editor, effects (sepia, grayscale, etc)
– Share taken screenshot: use your custom app for sharing (Email, Picasa, etc), or upload to Imgur, POST to server
– View all taken screenshots and select multiple for sending, create zip, edit and more!
– Automatically apply “Screenshot Adjustments” to every taken screenshot
– Multiple capture methods (over 14) with an auto detect option so you can select the best option
– Set default save folder, filename and image format (PNG/JPEG)
– Set password
– Optional custom shutter sound
– Media scan
– More!


What can I do with the “Folder listener” trigger?
If your device has built-in screenshot capability you can set the app to listen for changes to a folder. As soon as an image is created in that folder Screenshot Ultimate will trigger (for editing, saving, etc). You could also use another screenshot app, like Screenshot UX, Screenshot Free, Screenshot and Draw, Screenshot ER or Screenshot It, and use Screenshot Ultimate to handle the editing / saving.

No “Capture Method” available for my device!
This is normal if your device isn’t rooted. It’s the way how the Android security model works; it just doesn’t allow taking a screenshot on some devices. However, you can enable screenshot functionality on your device by enabling it through a computer. To see how you can do this go to “Screenshot Ultimate” > “Settings” > “Capture methods” > “No capture method help”. You can email the manual to yourself so you can complete it on your computer (Windows, Linux or Mac OSX).


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"It's works great. Finally a screenshot app I don't have to download anything else or have a rooted phone & it saves the pics to my gallery. Perfect app!"
"The app I have been searching for is here..."