Wallpapers Ultimate Full

Wallpapers Ultimate Full gives you access to all the wallpapers you need for your BlackBerry® device. Over 10.000 wallpapers from over 50 different categories! When you buy the application you get unlimited instant access to all the wallpapers!

Every wallpaper can be edited to fit or fill the screen, be orientated portrait or landscape and you can apply over 9 different effects: smoothen, sharpen, gray scale, negative, sepia, black and white, edge detect, emboss and/or mean removal.

Works with Blackberry 4.7.0+

Some wallpaper categories

Abstract, Animals, Canada, Cars, China, Chinese Items, Christmas, Cities at night, Cosmos, Crop Circles, Cute Cats, Dark, Digital Universe, Dogs, Easter Day, Egypt, Expo Shanghai, Flowers, Fractal art, France, Guitars, Halloween, Hot and Cool, Independence Day, Interior Design, Japan, Man-Made, Military, Mixed, Moto Bikes, Mountains, NASA, Nature, Neon, New Year, New Zealand, Planets, Psychedelic, Romantic, Ships and Planes, Spain, Sunsets, Tanks, Thailand, Valentine Day, Waterscapes, Wine, Winter, etc.


– One-time payment and unlimited access to all the wallpapers
– Over 10.000 wallpapers to pick from
– Select to download the wallpaper or to set it as background for your homescreen
– Save the wallpaper to your internal memory or sdcard
– All the wallpapers you bought will be listed in “My Wallpapers”
– Apply over 9 effects to every wallpaper
– Let the wallpaper fit or fill your home screen
– When you select to fit your wallpaper the home screen you can pick a background color


Will it cost me any money?
No, you only have to pay once for the application. After that you will have unlimited access to all the wallpapers.

Do I need to buy wallpapers?
No, you will be able to download all wallpaper for free once you bought the application.

What do I do when I lost my registration code?
When you buy the application you get a registration code from App World™ which you can use to register the application with. In case you lost or forgot the code you can get it at icecoldapps.com. Register the application by starting it, press the BlackBerry® menu button and click the register menu item.


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"I rather change my wallpaper every now and then instead of getting a new theme that may misplace my shortcuts and all... this particular wallpaper app is by far the best on bbry appworld."
"Wallpapers are stunning!! Support and feedback is excellent!!"